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Between Y2K, kawaii, luxury, or graphic trends, discover our vast range of unique press on nails that appeal to all tastes.



Do you want to get a completely personalized set that suits you? Opt for a custom model and choose your colors, your elements, your characters, the writing, decoration etc... according to your desires!


  • 1- Measure your nails

    Take tape or a meter and cover your nail completely and mark the ends with a pen quite precisely (take the widest part of your nail).

  • 2- Know your size in millimeters

    Remove the tape measure/tape and place it on a flat surface. With a ruler, measure the space between the two ends. You will get your size in MM.

  • 3- Obtain the capsule number

    Once you know your size in MM you can select the corresponding capsule number. For example: 1mm = capsule number 4.

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About Us...

Passionate about art, fashion and above all nail art, Maëva decided to found Poizon District in order to offer a unique experience to all people who want to take care of their hands in the long term without having to break the bank. every month.

Poizon District is part of its time, while retaining its identity. Indeed, we aspire to offer quality services and articles that combine with contemporary trends without forgetting to link art and beauty.



Poizon District delivers internationally. The delivery of your packages is made with La Poste, a tracking number is provided to you with each order in order to follow its progress. We are in no way responsible for delays/delays/loss and other problems related to the transport of packages. If there is a problem contact us <3

Refund Policy

Given the personalized nature of products Poizon District does not accept returns of items. If you made a mistake in the sizes, we are not responsible. However, if your package has arrived damaged, broken, or if you encounter any other problem, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find a solution.


To contact us :

Instagram: @poizon.district

Email: poizondistrict@outlook.com

TikTok: @poizon.district

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