Take your measurements

1- Measure your nails

Take tape or a meter and cover your nail completely and mark the ends with a pen quite precisely (take the widest part of your nail).

2- Know your size in millimeters

Remove the tape measure/tape and place it on a flat surface. With a ruler, measure the space between the two ends. You will get your size in MM.

3- Obtain the capsule number

Once you know your size in MM you can select the corresponding capsule number. For example: 1mm = capsule number 4.
There are standard sizes which are these (the capsule numbers go from the thumb to the little finger):

XS: 3,6,5,7,9

S: 2,4,5,6,9

M: 1.5,4,6,8

L: 0.4,3,5,7

XL: 0,3,2,4,6

If you measure your nails and you get the numbers that correspond to a standard size then you will just have to select it when ordering in the size category.

If when you measure your nails you do not get a series of numbers that correspond to a standard size then you will need to choose the “custom” size when ordering and write the capsule numbers corresponding to each finger.

For example if your measurements are such as:

Thumb: 16mm

Index: 13mm

Middle finger: 14 mm

Ring finger: 11 mm

Little finger: 9 mm

Please note them in the personalization part like this: 1,4,3,6,8 (from thumb to ring finger).

If you are unsure between two sizes, we advise you to take the larger size to be sure that the capsule covers your nail completely. Otherwise, there is the sizing kit which allows you to test the capsules directly on your nails and not make a mistake as to the size chosen.

It is very important to size your nails correctly! If you order a set that does not correspond to your size and your press on nails cannot be put on, we will not be able to take it back from you. That would be a shame given that your nails are meant to be kept as long as possible.

Poizon District declines all responsibility when a set of press on nails does not correspond to the measurements of the purchaser, no return or refund can be made. ⚠️

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